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جاپانی ٹرین ڈرایور

آج پتا چلا کے جاپانی ٹرین ڈرایورز کو ٹرین چلاتے وقت راستے میں آنے والے کسی بھی اشارے، انتباہ یا خطرہ کے ساین بورڈز کو اپنے ھاتھ سے اشارہ کرنا پڑتا ہے تاکے پتا چلے کے انہوں نے وہ دیکھ لیا ہے

کیا ٹرینینگ ہے جاپانیوں کی یار

our train drivers are also very "efficient" if you know what i mean!
ye bhe koe skill tarah to har koe kar sakta hai....baat to tab hai jab hamaray drivers ke tarah woh aankh band kr kay train chalain!
I think our drivers are doing well considering the resources they have. Plus our signaling system is very old and needs improvement.
But I am impressed by these Japanese, they take their job very seriously. No wonder they are so ahead.
They seem to be employing what is called PRO i.e. Point, Read and Operate. It works as a psychological affirmation of control and efficiency and helps them do their jobs better.
You can read more about this behaviour in following article:
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