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Adam Cole, Kassius Ohno matches revealed for EVOLVE 127 and 128.

After squaring up against Kyle O’Reilly at EVOLVE 125 during WrestleMania Week, EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory will face off against another member of The Undisputed ERA, Adam Cole (“BAY BAY!”).

It was at EVOLVE 121 in Atlanta when Theory first confronted Cole, who was making a guest appearance on the show, and told him that Undisputed ERA should ditch Kyle O’Reilly and instead add him to their ranks. When that didn’t work, Theory posed a direct challenge at EVOLVE 126 before adding, “Cole chokes in big title matches” – an apparent reference to Cole’s NXT Championship Match loss to Johnny Gargano at TakeOver: New York. As tension sizzles between both competitors, Theory will get his match with Cole at EVOLVE 127 on Friday, May 10, at the Monaghan Knights of Columbus Hall in Livonia, Mich.

In addition to his non-title match against Theory, Cole will also compete on Saturday, May 11, at Southside Turners in Indianapolis at EVOLVE 128, where he takes on AR Fox, the first EVOLVE Champion in history, in singles competition.

NXT Superstar Kassius Ohno will also be in EVOLVE action that weekend, teaming with Harlem Bravado in a tag team contest against Fox and Leon Ruff at EVOLVE 127. Right after that date, The Knockout Artist will go up against Josh Briggs, who is eager to send a message, at EVOLVE 128. Ohno will additionally be on hand as a special guest trainer at the WWN Seminar/Tryout in Indianapolis. The seminar is open to all wrestlers, referees and managers who have completed a training course.  
Check out the preliminary lineups for both events below. Tickets for EVOLVE 127 and 128 are available now at .[Image: 20190419_OnhoCole_Evolve--55f550750f98a5...a473e2.jpg]
I wish ohno would get at least a few months with Cesaro on the main roster before he transitions into a full time trainer because that would be a pretty solid plan. Imagine if it comes at the expense of the Bar, too. Could make for a massive face turn if Sheamus starts blaming Cesaro for their losses, finally cracks and attacks him, then Ohno's music hits (preferably for the first time on TV), saves his old partner, and they just put on a hell of a show in the tag division for a while.
Adam Cole had one of the best match against Johnny Gargano a few days ago. Meltzer even said "The Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole match is perhaps the best WWE match of all time"

It was a five star match BUT if i am giving my opinion there are a few matches ahead of this one such as Undertaker v Shawn Michaels at WM 25, Bret Hart v Steve Austin at WM13, Almas v Gargano at Takeover Philly.

But hell, what an era in terms of in ring quality.
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