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Amazing promo by Mustafa Ali

Check out this amazing promo by Mustafa Ali who is an American professional wrestler of Pakistani descent. He performs in RAW in the cruiserweight championship division.

Great promo!
The lighting, the tone, the mannerism everything made it look legit. I was not following Mustafa to be honest and this is his first promo I have seen and boy got talent.
He is like a star like Eddie and Rey Mysterio. Cruiserweight title is not enough and he should go for main events. He is talented and looks super good plus a great babyface, what else do you need!?
Loved it, reminded me of when the Dudleys were cutting promos at train stations.

More wrestlers should do this. Fuck Vince, take a camera and write your own shit. Even if it only reaches this subreddit eventually people will get the word and you'll have a decent library backed up.

I want to see more of these promos from Ali. Not crazy about his wrestling gear though, it's too busy.
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