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Big Show shoots hard on WWE Creative

clip is from Talk is Jericho

تپڑ ہے تو پاس کر۔۔۔۔۔ورنہ برداشت کر
The WWE writers have absolutely no sense of narrative or continuity for that matter.

If WWE had a serious storyline that was being followed, using the reality that they have then they could be one of the most popular shows.

Though I may be over reacting, something that stuck out to me was while Roman was out with an illness HHH did a house show as the third member of the shield. I know it was a house show so "canon" doesn't really amount to much but the last time HHH and Seth were in a ring together they were trying to murder each other.

The horrendous writing ruins everything.
کام جوان کی موت ہے، باپ کما رہا ہے یہی بہت ہے
I read about this a while ago, because the sort of directionless of WWE's narratives bugs me a lot. But I think with the system they have in place its almost impossible to write an ideal long term narrative, or properly build a moment.

Every week, all "20-some-odd" writers have to pen the whole episode of raw. Which might work in certain genres and mediums, but I don't know how well its ever going to work in a 3 hour weekly program with a hundred characters, not all of which are even connected to the same narrative threads. I doubt if you took any great writing team in television history, they could churn out much greatness inside this restrictive of a format. Every division is essentially its own show, with how intangibly connected the characters are. Like how often does the story in the Women's Division interact with the Main Event in the Men's Division or the Tag Division?

Every one on that writing team has to write 5 different stories every single week, and there's no guarantee any of their ideas are going to be selected. And the person who starts an idea off for the month, might never be involved in the writing of that arc again. So you have 19 other people trying to make the best of an idea they didn't come up with. Maybe they think that idea is fucking stupid and they try to work it into something more their liking. Then that person's idea gets picked up next week and the cycle just continues. No one is in charge of say, a division and the narrative direction of that division for any length of time. No on is in charge of even a single story arc for a month. The only thing available is a handful of segments everyone is in competition over.
Even if you had the better idea long term, if someone else wrote a really good promo this week just fucking around, they could just obliterate all your plans. And not even in a malicious way, just like, on accident. How does anyone deal with that? Obviously you want to tell a story, but the system their in is a pretty rocky environment for having narrative control. Even regular responsibilities seems like a contested position.

Unless you have someone vouching for you saying "I want this guy writing my segments." Which is undoubtedly why Jericho just had the best run of his career. When someone actually has the ability to keep their own ideas consistent, even with just one character on the show, it can make a world of difference.
I feel like people forget the writers don't run the show, they get direction. This whole argument is based off of incorrect assumption; "writers" just becomes a word that people use to define everything that sucks without having any concept of how it works or what it even is. Vince runs the show, he gives the direction and decides what happens and OK's what is used. If the writers were given a decent scenario they'd probably do a decent job but they don't dictate the structure of what happens, it's insane people think they do.
This is very true, and one of the biggest problems with the WWE. You can't ask people to tune in every week, if there is not going to be any consistency from one week to the next.
And it's not about stories anymore. It's about moments. That's a huge problem.
You can just shove these "cool" moments down someones throat but without a build up - an actual interesting build up - you get nothing, hollow victories. they can get away with it, there's no direct competition.
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