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Christiano Ronaldo is so powerful that.....

Just to show you the start power of Christiano Ronaldo and how much leverage he has in his contract, he has blocked the arrival of few players in Real Madrid namely Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robert Lewandowski, Eden Hazard and Edinson Cavani.

Basically the club wanted to hire these players but Ronaldo vetoed it. One Spanish news outlet Diario Gol claims Ronaldo has several mysterious clauses in his contract that give him a say on matters behind the scenes. This comes as no surprise as he is lucrative commercially and brings a lot of money to the club.

So yeah next time you want to play for Real Madrid.....consult Ronaldo first!

[Image: Cristiano-Ronaldo-647819.jpg]
aakhir koe Ronaldo hai koe mazaq thori hai

pichlay saal is nay 38 million dollar kamaey aur is ke net worth 400 million dollar hai

lekin is ke kamai Messi say kam rahi jis nay last year 47 million dollar kay note chapay

Messi ka bhe kuch isee qisam ka contract clause ho ga
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