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Controversy as PCB admit to receiving four million dollar for T10

لو جی ایک نیا کٹا کھل گیا ہے

The Pakistan Cricket Board confirms the transparency of the matter and has made more questions about the national cricketer's acceptance of paying $ 4 million for the permission to participate in the T-10 League.

The most important question is that why the Pakistan Cricket Board did not T-League first and then yes?

The Pakistan Cricket Board has admitted that it received $ 4 million to top top players to participate in controversial T10 League.

This confession has given birth to many new questions.
First question: Based on the PCB, the players' value is $ 4 million?
Second question: Under which law, the Pakistan Cricket Board took charge from the private party for cricketers?
Third question: Who gave the PCB the right to deal with players' rights?
Fourth Question: Will the PCB take the money to release the players for every league? Or was it just for the T-10 League?
The fifth question: Does not it imply that the PCB has started serving the renters?
It is worth mentioning that the Pakistan Cricket Board had announced that Pakistan will not send cricketers to the T-10 League.

But later it was not known that the Pakistan Cricket Board not only ignored the concerns of Pakistan Super League franchises but also traded on the quality of the Quaid-e-Azam trophy and released the players for the T-10 League and now the League Are also defending.

T-10 League Indian citizen is owned by Shijia Mulk.

The agreement with the players for the league is clearly stated that representatives of the T10 Sports Management Board are Indian Shijia Mulk.

Interestingly, Shijia-ul-Haq is also facing legal action against another citizen regarding this league.

Legal notice sent to Shijya Mulk is also apparently clear that T-10 League and Indian citizen Shijha-ul-Akk are the same.
Dont see what's wrong with. PCB is the governing body and they can take any money to release players as they are under central contract.
صرف ایک نیلے پیلے چینل کو ہی مسلۂ ہے باقی تو سب خاموش ہیں۔

شاہد آفریدی کا بھی بیان آیا ہے کے شور شرابے کی وجہ سمجھ نہیں آرہی۔
neelay peelay channel ke khoob litrol ho rahi hai twitter par Big Grin
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