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Four day test match

lo je T20 kay baad ab pesh khidmat hai 4 din ka test match. je haan South Africa aur Zimbabwe ka jo Boxing Day par test match honay ja raha hai woh 4 din ka day and night test match ho ga.

ab sawal ye paida hota hai kay kia ICC is ko test ka darja day ge!?? is baat ka faisla abhi ICC nay nahi kia aur Cricket South Africa ke darkhawast par un ke meeting honi hai October main jis main woh faisal karain gay kay is match ko test ka darja dena hai ya nahi.

wese to ye abhi experiment kay tor par ho raha hai lekin kahin ye agay ja kar trend he na ban jaey kyu kay 4 din main test match ka result ana thora mushkil ho ga.

[Image: sean-williams-6282.jpg]
Hmm.....that's interesting. So test match is now catching up with changing times. Personally I am not in favour because test match is the classic match which is test of your nerves. And getting result in 4 days will be a problem. I remember there was a time when test matched used to last 6 days. So are they gonna make 3 days 50 years from now!?
Keep test match to 5 days.
currently it is being planned that stronger teams will continue to play 5 day test against each other but when it comes to stronger team vs weaker for e.g. Zimbabwe, Ireland etc. then they are proposing 4 day test match.
This doesn't make any sense by the way. If you had to have an experiment then it would be better if two stronger teams play 4 day test match against each other. Only then we will come to know how it will pan out.

For weaker team it would be useless because 5 day is a different game than 4 day and if they gain experience playing 4 day test matches then 5 day test match would a different ball game when they come to it.
It needs to be seen how many overs will be there in four day match. Whether it will be standard 90 overs a day or 100+.
If it's 100+ then it would may become a problem for bowlers to bowl such lengthy overs as they would become tired.
This experiment will fail. No team would want to play 4 day test match.
Two SA players have opposed this idea. Check this thread
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