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Full dress rehearsal of security for PSL 2018 final in Karachi underway

A full-dress rehearsal of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) third edition's final is currently underway in Karachi for which international security consultant arrived in Karachi on Saturday.

Sindh police, Pakistan Rangers, Airport Security Force (ASF) and all other security agencies of Pakistan are presenting a demonstration of the security arrangements with other stakeholders of the PSL final.

DIG East Sultan Khawaja said that the security officials have been in coordination for today's full-dress rehearsal and a meeting was also hosted by the Chief Minister Sindh with all the high officials of Law Enforcement Agencies.

We have been in coordination with them since November. The security consultants gave us suggestions when they last visited in November and we
Quote:have been following them. We had presented a comprehensive presentation to them then. Chief Minister also held a meeting with the top security officials of Rangers, Police and ASF on Friday and all coordination has been done.

He said.

Khawaja added that the plan was explained to the consultants on Saturday and a practical demonstration is being held today Sunday. 

Quote:Today, we will cover the theoretical part, while on Saturday we did practically show the consultants how everything will happen.

Khawaja then revealed the highlights of the security plan which will be put in place on March 25 for the final. 

Quote:On March 25, we will be deploying around 8,000 policemen who will have 300 to 400 police mobiles and 300 to 400 police motorbikes at their disposal. Pakistan Rangers and other security agencies of Pakistan will also be a part of the security detail for the players.

[Image: DVvDf5EWkAAbjsx.jpg]

[Image: DVvDf3dXcAAnfKs.jpg]

[Image: DVvDf4DWsAAXvrQ.jpg]

[Image: DVvDf4gXkAAoxxW.jpg]
yeah I experienced the road block in the morning while coming from Liaquatabad to Karsaz. It took half an hour to reach Sharah-e-Faisal and normally it takes 10 minutes.
The rehearsal was successful and security consultant Reg Dickason has given go ahead for the PSL final in Karachi.

[Image: 181400_522208_updates.jpg]
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