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Hafeez Allowed to Bowl in International Cricket

[Image: Mohammad-Hafeez-460x345.jpg]

Lahore, International Cricket Council has declared the bowling action of Pakistan spinner, Muhammad Hafeez clear and now he is allowed to bowl in the international matches. ICC has issued the notification that the bio-mechanic test of Muhammad Hafeez was conducted on 17 April in the Liphbro University, England and curve of the arm during all of the bowled balls were found within the legal limit of 45 degree. Reporting again within 2 years, he will have to face the ban for 12 months. The videos of the correct action will be provided to the officials of the match for the strict supervision.

[Image: Harfeez-460x258.jpg]
Muhammad Hafeez thanked the supporters for supporting him in the difficult time and said that he will contribute in the victory of Pakistan as the all rounder. Moreover, the West Indian pacer, Runsford Baten was failed in the test and he will bowl after getting the clearance in the next analysis. For the first time, the bowling action of Muhammad Hafeez was declared suspicious during the test series being played in November 2014 and he was allowed to bowl in April 2015. When his bowling action was reported for the second time, he was banned for 12 months. After the improvement in the bowling action, he was allowed to bowl in November 2016.[/size]
mera khayal hai ziada arsa nahi chal sakay ga ye aur is par pher ban lag jaey ga kyu kay aam tor par apnay puranay action ko change karna mushkil hota hai

to hota ye hai kay kuch arsay baad banda apnay puranay action par aa jata hai aur pher ban lag jata hai
Hafeez playing is really just a disadvantage for Pakistan at this point anyway. Deliberate chucker who can obviously pass the tests but can't bowl those pies in internationals.
Let's just hope he stays unbanned till after the World Cup.
Hafiz wase bhee retirement ke age ko ponch gya ha. Is pa passy laganee ka ab koi paida nye ha.
(06-07-2018, 11:30 AM) RStar515 Wrote: Hafiz wase bhee retirement ke age ko ponch gya ha. Is pa passy laganee ka ab koi paida nye ha.

خوش آمدید میرے دوست۔

زرہ تعارف تو کروا دیں جناب کا
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