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How cheetahs run

A beautiful and breathtaking video showing how Cheetahs run. This is National Geographic at its best as usual. It is taken from High Speed HD camera.

[Image: tim-and-eric-mind-blown.gif]
کیا چال ہے کیا رفتار ہے کیا بیلنس ہے
لگتا ہے فزکس چیتا کے گھر کی لونڈی ہے
The way it keeps its head perfectly level as it's entire body shifts like that is absolutely incredible. In fact his whole body except for his legs stay perfectly level and still throughout the movement.
But if they are injured then it means they are dead because they rely so much on their speed that's why they are called maladaptive.
Its an old video and I have seen it before but it feels fresh everytime. You should watch till the end as there is a nice surprise where they show you how it was filmed.
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