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ICC investigates approach made on Sarfraz

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed was the target of an allegedly corrupt approach after the third ODI against Sri Lanka on Wednesday, multiple sources have confirmed.

Sarfraz immediately reported the approach to Pakistan's management, who then passed it on to the ICC's Anti-Corruption unit (ACU). The ACU will now take over the investigation.

Quote:A player was approached. As per rules he immediately reported to PCB who informed ICC. Matters are jointly in hand. No further comment.

PCB chairman Najam Sethi tweeted.

[Image: i?img=%2Fi%2Fcricket%2Fcricinfo%2F112421...ion=origin]

Earlier this year, in February, a few Pakistan players were the target of corrupt approaches during the second season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), which was also held in the UAE. From that case, a number of players were punished by the PCB for failing to report the approaches and two - Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif - have been found guilty and banned for more serious breaches of the PCB's anti-corruption code.
اچھا کیا سرفراز نے بتا دیا ورنہ آگے چل کے مسلہ بن جاتا
میں نے ایک اسپورٹس جرنلسٹ کی ٹویٹ دیکھی تھی جس میں وہ کہ رہا تھا کے مجھے اس بندے کا نام جان کے بہت حیرت ہوی جس نے سرفراز کو یہ کال کی اور وہ نام متحدہ عرب امارات کا جانا پہچانا نام ہے۔
اس نے نام تو نہیں لکھا لیکن جہاں تک میری معلومات کا تعلق ہے تو یو اے ای میں عبدالرحمان بخاتر فیملی کا بڑا نام ہے کرکٹ میں  تو کیا وہ انہی کی بات کر رہا تھا؟؟
کام جوان کی موت ہے، باپ کما رہا ہے یہی بہت ہے
Mera nahi khayal kay Abdulrahman Bukhatir ke family ho ge.
Mere khayal say koe Indian bookie ho ga wohi hamesha is koshish men lagay rehtay hen.
Wese bhe akhri match kay leay is tarah karna koe tuk nahi kyu ke hum series to jeet chukay hen. Shaed spot fixing krna chah rha ho.
The person who offered spot fixing to Sarfaraz has been named as Irfan Ansari who is employee of Sharjah Cricket Stadium. He is a well known name among cricket circles in UAE and Pakistan. I think one of his brother is also an editor (or works for) some daily newspaper in Pakistan.
اس  صورتحال پر مجھے بس والا ایک شعر یاد آگیا

ہمیں تو اپنوں نے لوٹا غیروں میں اتنا دم کہاں
میری کشتی وہاں ڈوبی جہاں پانی کم تھا
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