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Islamabad United vs Karachi Kings - Match Thread

[Image: DYa-UdKXUAA3nrl.jpg]


[Image: DYbwht5XUAA-rjV.jpg]
Karachi is in a very strong position right now but if past experience has taught me anything, it is to never rejoice early if you are playing against Islamabad as anything can happen. Fingers crossed!!!
after 5 wickets down it is safe to say that IU is done and dusted so Karachiites can rejoice now (something inside me is still skeptical about it)
Even if Karachi loses this match but not by a wide margin then they will still move to next round due to better NRR than Multan Sultans.
(03-16-2018, 10:36 PM) moonwalker Wrote: KARACHI IS GOING TO WIN THIS ONE EASILY (there I said it)

picture abhi baqi hai
Will be sad to see Multan out of the tournament. They had a promising start but something happened to them in the middle and at the same time Islamabad and Quetta upped their games so now it looks like both Lahore and Multan are going home.
Karachi just need to make 109 and then even if they lose, they will go to next round.

Basically if target is under 113 then Karachi can afford to lose by 16 runs. If target is between 114 and 189 then 15 runs. For target between 190 and 265, by 14 runs.
Congratulations Karachi Kings on going into the next round!
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