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Islamabad United vs Multan Sultans - PSL 2019 - Match Thread

Multan Sultans won the toss and elected to field

[Image: D0V4x0FUwAErqDd.jpg]

[Image: D0V8L5XW0AANhlE.jpg]

[Image: D0WruhZWkAEtA-_.jpg]
[Image: DzGh7bb.jpg]
Wow what a khassi batting by isb. Color me surprised!
Wow, this has been a terrible batting performance. Game isn't over yet and Multan can still fall apart here but Islamabad has some big issues to address. Without Ronchi scoring the rest of the team falls apart. Players like Sahibzada Farhan, Hussain Talat, Asif Ali, Faheem Ashraf (he kind of gets away with it because of his bowling) need to step up here with the bat. Or maybe bring in Chadwick Walton.
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