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Islamabad Winner of PSL3

Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis may have formed arguably the most deadly bowling partnership the world has ever seen but the similarities between the duo ended with their two monikers — the two W’s and the Sultans of Swing.
While both pacers employed pace and swing to devastating effect against the best in the world, the way they did it could not have been more different. Left-armer Wasim employed wit, guile and control to bamboozle the opponent, making the most elegant of batsmen look foolish and ungainly.
When the batsman has no way of knowing which way the ball will swing all he can do is make educated guesses. But there is only so long you can survive with educated guesses. In the end, Wasim got you. He always got you. It wasn’t a matter of if but of when.
Waqar, on the other hand, was a ferocious beast unleashed upon the realms of batsmen. He was the battering ram to Wasim’s wily fox. You knew what he was doing. You knew about the pace. You knew about the inswing. You knew about the yorker, that toe-crushing missile of a yorker. You knew it all.
It was just that there was no way to stop it. Waqar could walk up to any batsman in the world, look him straight in the eye and tell him the next ball was going to be an inswinging yorker and the batsman would still not be able to do anything.
So fruitless was any form of resistance that any hope the batsman had depended not on his own ability and technique but on the chance that Waqar wouldn’t get it right. Because if he did, and he more often than not did, you might as well start your long walk back to the pavilion before he even starts his run up.
Both bowlers were equally talented and mercurial, yet how they deployed those talents varied vastly.  It is fitting then that the two champion Islamabad United sides were made in the image of these two men.
Wasim’s Islamabad, the one that won the first edition, had so many tricks up its sleeves that you never knew what would get you. It could be an unknown teenaged leg-spinner called Shadab Khan or a chubby left-handed opener named Sharjeel Khan. It could be the athleticism of Andre Russell. It could be the experience and know-how of Misbahul Haq and Shane Watson. It could be the pace of Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Sami and Rumman Raees.
nice article really brings the memories of two Ws but it looks like only half part is written. the article was talking about Wasim's coaching in first edition and then it suddenly ends.

so feared were the English with these two that they accused them of ball tampering. after all their deliveries were literally unplayable!
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