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John Cena playing cricket

Great find Big Grin 

what a coincidence that we are discussing Mr. You can't see me in another thread. By the way in the video literally it looks like he can't see the ball.
WWE superstar John Cena appears to have found a new challenge and he's loving it.

During his trip to Australia, the 16-time champion decided to learn a bit of cricket, and found a coach in none other than former Aussie all-rounder Shane Watson.

Watson, who will begin his duties as captain for Sydney Thunders in Big Bash League starting December 9, shared cricket tips with the wrestler, who is currently in Australia to promote his upcoming animated feature film ‘Ferdinand’.

Cena found himself struggling, though.

Quote:Read some #Ferdinand, played some Cricket (poorly) and had a great time the past few days in Sydney until the teacher took attendance in class and I was marked absent.

he tweeted.

Watson had the best bats for the champ.

Quote:Awesome day with @JohnCena. Only the best bats for this champion!

the all-rounder tweeted.

Sydney Thunders, meanwhile, maintained confidence in Cena’s cricketing skills.

Quote:We're pretty sure @JohnCena could hit a few sixes in the @BBL for the #ThunderNation.

the franchise posted on Twitter.

Sydney Thunders play their first match of the season against Melbourne Renegades on December 9. The tournament will continue till February 4, 2018.
صرف ۳۰ سیکنڈ کی کام کی ویڈیو تھی جس کو کھینچ کھانچ کر ۲ منٹ سے زیادہ کا بنا دیا
کام جوان کی موت ہے، باپ کما رہا ہے یہی بہت ہے
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