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Poll: Who will win this 2nd match?
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Karachi Kings vs Quetta Gladiators - Match Thread

Match thread for KK vs QG match is here. It is currently underway and KK is at 93/3 in 14 overs.

Toss was won by KK and they elected to bat.

[Image: DWt63jKWkAAJJDg.jpg]


[Image: DWur1N3WAAAHBXK.jpg]
i think this is overall 4th or 5th match between these two teams and Karachi Kings have never won so I will vote for QG.
I feel Karachi Kings has slightly weak bowling attack. They need to make at least 30 more runs for any chance of winning.
If you take a look at QG lineup, it is pretty balanced in batting department down to number 10. And they have 5, 6 bowling options too. Watson, Pietersen and Rossouw all coming one after another to decimate opposition.
I voted for Karachi because they r about to win this match Tongue
Looks like all our predictions were wrong. Here's that superb catch that Afridi took. He has still got it!

[Image: DWuj1gbWAAMbda8.jpg]

[Image: DWuj2IoWkAEWmdO.jpg]

[Image: DWuj3BBWsAAWI7i.jpg]

[Image: DWuj30VXUAArRnz.jpg]
That catch in HD 720p

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