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Karachi Kings vs Quetta Gladiators - Match Thread

[Image: DXx1FBTWAAIctEe.jpg]


[Image: DXyjQhZWkAAK2hJ.jpg]
واٹسن نے تو آج واٹ لگا دی ہے۔ اسٹرایک ریٹ ڈیڑھ سو سے زیادہ ہے اور اسکور بھی ساٹھ سے اوپر۔ اللہ خیر کرے اس کے ارادے ٹھیک نہیں لگ رہے آج
Watoo has brought his A game today. Look at how effortlessly he is playing like Viv Richards. Chances of KK winning today are getting slim and slim as the score is increasing. Batting second against high score is not easy as losing one or two wickets early bring whole team under pressure.
شکر ہے پیٹرسن تو کلٹی ہوا
Feel sorry for Watson as he may not be able to complete his century as this is last over and he is still 18 runs behind.
180 is not bad but to be honest i was expecting a bit more (200 may be!?) after the flying start they got. Karachi tightened their grip in the middle overs
Defending 170+ is not easy, that's why when ever you win the toss, you should think long and hard and then elect to field!
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