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Kerala Kings beat Punjabi Legends to win T10 final

Kerala Kings have beaten Punjabi Legends by 8 wickets to win first T10 league tournament. Star of the match was KK captain Eoin Morgan who made 63 off 21 balls.

Playing first Punjabi Legends made 120/3 which was a good score but not good enough as Kerala Kings made 121/2 in exactly 8 overs i.e. they still had 2 more overs left which shows their batting strength.

[Image: DRRnqfUXUAAH7Dl.jpg]
لو جی پتا بھی نہیں چلا اور ایک ہی دن میں سارے میچز ہو گۓ۔

میں تو سمجھا تھا کے فاینل آج ہو گا۔
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