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Khushhali Microfinance Bank sending SMS to wrong recipients

I got this SMS from Khushhali Microfinance Bank today. I was like oh wow got money but the only problem is I don't have an account with them. Never had!

At first I thought this is one of those "you has win prize in Benazir incoome suport program" scam but the sender name is "Khushhali" so I called them and turns out they are having some issues with their system and it is sending SMS to wrong recipients Big Grin 

Funny thing is I never had account with them or got any loan from them or anything so how they got my number!?

[Image: kIIUKpV.jpg]
Yup if you didn't do any business with them before then they having your mobile number is strange. May be they got your number from a pool like some kind of shared data between banks!
Jahan ghalti say msg kia hai wahan agar ghalti say paisay bhe day detay to kia baat the
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