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LG V10 worth buying?

I want to buy LG V10 as it has great features. Available for around Rs. 12000. Of course it is not new but used. Do you think it is worth buying these days!?
haven't you heard it has bootloop issue!?
overall it's a very quality phone BUT it suffers from bootloop issues as mentioned by msalman BUT not all models are affected as I heard only certain serial numbers have this issue. Check on google you may find serial numbers to avoid. Plus if you are in Karachi then I heard it also suffers from moisture i.e. its motherboard stops working due to Karachi environment. This is what one "dukan wala" told so take it with a grain of salt or may be he is confusing bootloop issue with this one, who knows?
Why dont u buy V20 which is only 4-5 thousand more in the market. Plus it is newer and has less problems than v10 (v20 also has bootloop issues but very less than v10)
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