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Lesnar beat Strowman and Reigns beat Cena at No Mercy 2017

Strange that nobody is discussing this huge event. It's No Mercy 2017 PPV baby!!!!!

here's my take on this event

  1. I like Jason Jordan as he has talent and his match against Miz was also good but crows booed the hell out of him
  2. Crews vs Elias was just OK, not good not bad just average
  3. Tag team match between Dean Ambrose + Seth Rollins vs Ceasro + Sheamus was superb and was easily the best match of the PPV
  4. John Cena vs Roman Reigns was just fine. I don't say it was average it was slightly above it but I expected better. But anyway this is what you can expect from Reigns
  5. Lesnar vs Strowman was good but coud have been better. Looks like this angle is not over yet and they will stretch it till Wrestlemania 2018 but I don't know how
  6. Other matches involving Alexa, Sasha, Neville, Enzo etc. were good.
[Image: 47fa2-1503437050-800.jpg]
Saw this comment to which I agree for most of the part hence posting here.

Quote:Shows like this remind me I am not the audience for the current product. I stopped watching, and even really reading the weekly shows because the best matches are usually posted online anyway. This show just confirms my notion that the booking for this show is completely fucked.

Reigns and Cena was a fine story, but I don't like that ending at all. There's nowhere for Roman to go other than challenge Lesnar or win the Rumble again.

Bray and Balor tells me the WWE just hates both these characters. No change in Bray that will ever rehab his character, and Finn is getting there. It's pathetic that even in winning Finn doesn't feel elevated.

Braun and Lesnar was fucking enraging. Like why? Why have Strowman run over Reigns consistently, be booked to be an absolute war machine, only to stop him cold? As I said in another post, this is what killed Ryback. He was massively over with the crowd, got stuck in this path where he had to lose somehow, and they just end up killing him totally. Where does Braun go? He isn't an unbeatable monster character, since he did lose to Kalisto, but he is supposed to be unbreakable, and Lesnar did that.

The good stuff was I liked the tag match A LOT. I think Rollins and Ambrose will do a lot of good here, and I want to see more teams involved.

Amore winning is interesting. He's not a character I ever really liked, but I like that he can draw attention, and now, he is playing the guy trying to find his spot, and he just won a very contentious title while not being that good. I'd like to see him get a faction of new guys that keep him protected, but he'll likely just throw the title back at Neville soon anyway.

Miz and Jordan and the women's match were fine, but I didn't see either as much of a culmination of anything.

All in all, this felt like a Super Raw. No one's status really changed that much, and there's not really any resolution. Reigns, by virtue of being in the ring with Cena, already got a lot of credibility. The match didn't really sell me that he's the next Cena, and the cringy announcers made it so much worse.
In my opinion whole show was great especially first 2 hours. Ok may be not whole show but a major part of it was very good so I don't know why you guys are hating it.

Let's talk about Jordan/Miz fight was better than expected. But that in-ring interview after match was shitty idea.

Tag match was great as usual. Everybody brought their A-game, and Cesaro with busted teeth no less (that looked so painful I couldn't help but pulling for them a bit).

Woman's match was also good and it brought out Nia's strength. I think Bayley doing job was not something I expected because she just came back but still the match was not bad.

Cena vs Reigns was not up to the mark. They lacked chemistry, intensity, whatever, it just never got to a level where I would actually care about it. 

Balor vs Wyatt was solid and the crowd really helped getting hot for Finna and booing Wyatt. I hope that feud is done now, but it was one of their better matches together.

The Lesnar match just was a classic Lesnar match; ended too abruptly. I think 2, 3 F-5 as finisher would have been a lot better.

Crowd was top-notch and into matches throughout the show. Loud for pretty much everything. Made the good matches all the better.
Mujhe to pura show acha laga khaas tor par Lesnar aur Cena walay matches.
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