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Long tides at Hawke's Bay Beach Karachi

Long tides thrusting from rough sea made landfall on Hawke's Bay beach, thus the sea waters enter into land area, avoid going to Hawke's Bay sea is insanely rough.

[Image: jKo4Rb9.jpg]

[Image: YArG1AW.jpg]

[Image: G8DuaeS.jpg]
Glad you are safe man. A few days ago I went to Manora beach and the sea was very rough. Enjoyed a lot as the weather was very nice and had light drizzle that day while we were at beach.
One thing I noticed that when waves come to shore, they left a pile of foam like washing powder is mixed in the water.
تپڑ ہے تو پاس کر۔۔۔۔۔ورنہ برداشت کر
These are not my pics, I got it on Whatsapp.
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