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Mayweather shot down Khan "get real and stick with TV"

Mayweather has finally responded to Amir Khan challenging him for a fight. Well the response is not something Amir would like to hear as according to the Money, he only sets up fight with people who deserve it.

The former welterweight champion called out Mayweather in October as he hoped to tempt "Money" to come out of retirement once again and face him in the ring.

Khan (31-4 record) has not fought since he was infamously knocked out by Canelo Alvarez in May 2016, but claimed his speed would be too much for the former five-weight world champion.

Quote:Who knows? Floyd is a great fighter I just hav (sic) something he's not faced, speed. Floyd knows I'm not the 1 to back down.

Khan wrote on his Twitter profile last month.

[Image: Mayweather_Kahn.jpg]

The 40-year-old American did not respond straightaway, however. Since then, Khan became a part of ITV's I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! reality TV series where a recent clip of him getting freaked out by a snake notably went viral.

Mayweather used that clip to take a jab at Khan as he revealed how he is used to being called out, even in retirement.

Quote:It's nothing new for me. Every fighter out there wants a chance against me because they know, win or lose, it's going to be a big payday for them.
I have always maintained I am nobody's meal ticket.

Mayweather said, as quoted by Express.

Mayweather then added that the Pakistani-Brit was not deserving of a fight with him and that he should stick to television.

Quote:I only set up fights with fighters that deserve it and who are going to be part of a great fight for fans. Only last month, I read about him [Khan] calling me out of retirement.

He wants to fight the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and now I hear is running away from a few snakes and spiders. Please! He needs to get real and stick with TV.
Wasnt the "Money" himself was part of reality show Dancing with stars?

I think Amir needs to win a fight and then challenge him because he hasnt won a fight in over two years.
Although I would have liked to have saw Khan vs Mayweather, that ship has sailed. Maybe he could have made it into a decent fight and gave him some problems early, but we all know what the final outcome would be. And Floyd is absolutely right in saying Khan doesn't deserve the fight, maybe if he would actually fight Kell Brook like the fans want instead of going on a stupid scripted reality show it might be a different story.
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