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Mobile phones no longer being registered at the airport


I came back to Pakistan a few days ago and want to tell everyone that mobile phones are no longer being registered by custom officers at the airport. Everything is now online at PTA DIRBS portal so you just login there, enter your information and mobile will be registered.
I had printed out the form (which is available on the Internet) and filled our before arriving to avoid the hassle but custom officer told me now you need to do it yourself on PTA's website.
how long did the verification took!? what did they ask? any documents that you uploaded?
Glad to hear that. One question....what if you have a dual sim phone!
Registration was done instantly. Like as soon as I press the submit button, success message was shown on screen. Then I sent IMEI number to 8484 to confirm but it was still saying that IMEI is not registered. Then I waited 10, 15 minutes and tried again and this time their system said IMEI is registered.

They didn't ask any document. At the time of registration you need to provide your passport number because this is how they check whether you traveled or not because most probably their system is connected with immigration.

Their system allows registration of up to 4 SIM mobile phones. So let's say if you have a 3 SIM mobile phone, just select number 3 from drop down menu and it will now give you three text boxes to enter IMEI numbers.
Thanks for the update
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