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Pakhtoons beat Maratha Arabians in T10

So here's the result of second match. Pakhtoons beat Maratha Arabians by 25 runs.

Man of the match was none other than our lala Afridi who made a hat trick!!!!

Wow what a way to start T10 man.

Pakhtoons 121/4 in 10 overs
Maratha Arabians 96/7 in 10 overs

[Image: marath-vs-pakhtoons.jpg]
Afridi took hat trick on first three balls of his first over. What an achievement!

نیا لونڈا ہے آتے ہی ہیٹ ٹرک مار دی آگے چل کے بہت اچھا کھیلے گا
There has been a talk going on about playing 8,9 players in a T10 instead of regular 11. Actually this was tweeted by Azhar Ali yesterday to make the game more interesting because having 11 players for T10 is too much.
T10 is cancer, kill it with fire.
Bhai sab ke rozi roti lagi hoe acha hai itni buri bhe nahi T10 league
تپڑ ہے تو پاس کر۔۔۔۔۔ورنہ برداشت کر
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