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Pakistan Hockey Top 5 Moments

Relive the memories from golden era of Pakistan hockey.

1. Pakistan vs Holland, 1994 World Cup Final
2. Pakistan vs Germany, 1982 World Cup Final
3. Pakistan vs India, 1960 Rome Olympics
4. Pakistan vs Holland, 1978 World Cup Final
5. Pakistan vs India, 2012 Champions Trophy

woh 1994 main jo Mansoor nay goal roka tha us ko dekh kar yaad taza ho gae
simply superb!
Nice package
Surprised to see quality of video of 1960 Pakistan India match.
تپڑ ہے تو پاس کر۔۔۔۔۔ورنہ برداشت کر
While I do not agree with the order, this is a good effort. You probably didn't include Pakistan's first world cup win because there is no video available.
So happy to see Pakistan Hockey Federation using clips from video package I created  [Image: biggrin.png]
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