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Pakistan Super League 2019 - Mega Thread

(02-17-2019, 09:20 PM) irshad Wrote:
nice picture coverage

Thanks irshad. I hope you post often and engage in meaningful discussion.
[Image: Dzn8w16XcAAni7a.jpg]
کام جوان کی موت ہے، باپ کما رہا ہے یہی بہت ہے
Spirit of PSL

[Image: DzqY7BSWwAEXO5c.jpg]

[Image: DzqY7xLX4AExnUR.jpg]

[Image: DzqY8gbXQAE7fq1.jpg]
Sharjah Cricket Stadium getting ready to broadcast live action from #HBLPSL 2019, which resumes today.

[Image: DzxoykdWsAAzGch.jpg]

[Image: DzxozXMX0AAVMm2.jpg]

[Image: Dzxoz7zWoAA1tyE.jpg]

[Image: Dzxo0Z6XgAI90B5.jpg]
National Stadium being prepared

[Image: xESPXcZ.jpg]
Karachi Kings arrival in Karachi

[Image: D1FHmphX0AAjYmR.jpg]

[Image: D1FHmpjXQAIOPAz.jpg]

[Image: D1FHmpkWkAEAAHM.jpg]

[Image: D1FHmpkWwAEdRDL.jpg]
[Image: D1Rsw5YWoAUOCLa.jpg]

[Image: D1RsxsPXgAENkX9.jpg]

[Image: D1RsyfxWoAArzTA.jpg]

[Image: D1RszR-WoAI9mYZ.jpg]

[Image: D1QuZUFXQAAafUp.jpg]

[Image: D1QuaHmWkAEGZ44.jpg]

[Image: D1QubGZXgAASyAL.jpg]

[Image: D1QucB9WsAAmgDg.jpg]
[Image: D1UC_7ZWkAAFjPZ.jpg]
[Image: D1UFx6cXgAAMwqN.jpg]
[Image: D1oe_gfWsAozrCI.jpg]
تپڑ ہے تو پاس کر۔۔۔۔۔ورنہ برداشت کر
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