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Pakistan's Haider defeats India's Atif in MMA fight

Pakistan’s mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Haider Farman defeated India’s Atif Mohammed Khadim in their strawweight fight on the main card of Brave Combat Federation 9’s preliminary card in Bahrain on Friday.

Despite a flurry of exchanges, the fight went the distance and ended with Haider’s hand being raised as the judges thought he had done enough to merit the win.

Haider was able to secure a takedown in the opening minute and nearly locked the Indian in a rear naked choke, while peppering him with some heavy punches from the back.
Atif did manage to get back on his feet but soon copped a huge head kick from the Fight Fortress dynamo, who was definitely getting the better of his man in the opening exchanges.

[Image: 1561287-___n-1510931903-475-640x480.jpg]

Haider took Atif down for the second time, virtually guaranteeing him the opening round in the judges’ books.

Having clearly been dominated, Atif tried to come out strong in the second round, pressing the Pakistani and throwing some wild overhands, none of which connected.

He did, however, land a right but not fazing Farman one bit.

The Islamabad resident, meanwhile, counter-punched masterfully, regularly landing multiple shots in reaction to a one-off hit.

Stand-up was supposed to be Atif’s forte but it was Haider who was putting on a clinic, switching stances, confusing Atif and practically landing at will. He even managed to land a massive spinning back kick that could’ve earned him a knockout right there and then had it not been for Atif’s iron chin.

Soon, Haider secured his third takedown as he tightened his grip on the fight.

In the final round, Atif did land a huge right that opened a cut above Haider’s left eye but the deficit of the opening two rounds prove too much for him to overcome as the Pakistani emerged victorious.
میرے خیال سے ایم ایم اے اور باکسنگ کی مقبولیت کو دیکھتے ہوے اس کا الگ سیکشن ہونا چاہیے یا اس کو ریسلنگ والے سیشن میں ملا دینا چاہیے
It is better to merge it with Wrestling than creating a new section because there isn't much news or at least such news in which we are mostly interested.
Atif was bound to lose because he is a noob and his record is shit.

He had 1 win and 3 losses while Haider had 4 wins and 2 losses before this match.

But I wonder why people saying he is from India because as far as I know Atif is from Bahrain (may be he was born in India but moved to Bahrain or his parents are from India)

[Image: fJUGxXs.jpg]

[Image: CvwksUU.jpg]
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