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Pakistan vs Afghanistan - Match Thread

Admin bhai is sleeping as usual. Pakistan is playing against Afghanistan but there is no match thread so far. 

Lagta hai jo catches choray hain woh admin nay dil par lay leay hen.

[Image: DnoNkwzXoAAnqHR.jpg]

[Image: Dnpe95UX4AE_xEe.jpg]
Aik nahi, do nahi, teen nahi, chaar nahi balkay panch catch choray hen koe mazaq hai
ہاں یار آج تھوڑا لیٹ ہو گیا
سچ پوچھو تو مجھے یاد ہی نہیں رہا تھا کے آج میچ ہے  Sad

ویسے جس طرٖح فیلڈنگ کی ہے اس سے تو اس میچ کو بھول جانا ہی اچھا ہے

میں نے تھریڈ کو اوپر چپکا دیا ہے
Ducker Zaman out on Duck!
I bet if he had taken a review then there would have been a chance. It looked to be both an inside edge and striking him outside off. But to be fair this is where non striker has to play his role as he is the one watching from other end.  Hopefully Fakhar sees replay, discusses with coach, and they can get Imam to watch for that in the future.
پوری ٹیم کو ننگا کر کے لاین میں کھڑا کر کے ان کی تشریف پر ۱۰ نبمر کی چپل سے چھترول کرنی چاہے
اقبال تیرے شاہین اسی پرانی بیغیرتی پر اتر آے ہیں
Donald Babarman playing sensibly today. By the way even if we lose today's match, we are still not our of the tournament.
abhi main likhne he wala tha kay run rate thora ooper ho gya hai lekin wickets baqi hain to khair hai....lekin abhi abhi 3rd wicket gir gae hai.....too chal main aya wala scene na ho jaey
Imam's runout is genetic disorder
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