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Pakistan vs Australia - 1st T20 - Match Thread

Even though we have won but Pakistan really need to rethink this team setup. It doesn't make much sense, and it hasn't for a while, even when Malik is playing. We're playing around 9 batsmen, and never have I once seen that work when our typical collapses happen. There's 5 all rounders in the team (Hafeez, Talat, Imad, Shadab and Faheem), and only two of them bring actual batting value to the team. At a stretch, 2 more would make sense, but that should be it. And even with all of that, there still shouldn't be a place for a rookie like Asif Ali in the team who absolutely refuses to up his game - an attitude that should really be unacceptable at this level. We are one specialist bowler short right now because of this, and that might come back to bite us in the death overs.
29th time Pakistan have bowled out the opposition in T20Is. No other team has done it even 20 times.
Australia have been bowled out in 15 T20 matches. Eight of those times, they were playing Pakistan.
In T20I history, only five times has a team lost 6+ wickets in the Powerplay.Australia are the only team to do it twice.
Since Imad Wasim made his T20I debut, no spinner has bowled the first over of the innings more often - he's done it 16 times.
Pakistan have won 39 out of 43 T20Is while defending 150 targets. If their bowlers have 150 runs to play with, they win them games 90 percent of the time.
Pakistan simply the best in T20 cricket.
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