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Pakistan vs England - 2nd ODI 2019 - Match Thread

Pakistan has won the toss and elected to field first.

[Image: D6Rsxs2WkAA7T_v.jpg]

[Image: D6TlNg-WkAE62DP.jpg]
Asif is probably the luckiest batsman to play that many international games with almost zero performance. His domestic stats are shit, his performance against big teams in international matches is also shit, still he gets selected, and now he's on the verge of playing a world cup.

Aaaaaaaand we're playing Yasir Shah again. Looking forward to a century.
Faheem Ashraf has bowled in the first Powerplay on 16 occasions in his ODI career - he's taken just four wickets.

10 or 20 years ago, who would've thought that Pakistan's opening bowler has stats like that

[Image: 60175609_3101873336505815_50797366508089...e=5D5A0EAB]
Does Sarfaraz just not remember what slips are.
Fakhar firing on all cylinders while Imam well on his way to chase 274
Highlight of any Pakistani match is Mickey Arthur facial expressions!
Pakistan would like to load last saved game
a win would have been superb but still a wonderful effort by the boys.

So close yet so far.
Imam's strike rate was 79, on these flat pitches it'd be criminal to bat with a strike rate of less than 90. Haris' 14 off 18 was in the middle overs with field wide spread, he did play a stupid shot no doubt, but Imam's inability to play strokes in the first 10 overs will cost Pakistan many matches in England.
Or Imam can be like Rohit Sharma. If you've taken up 44 balls, take up 44 more and accelerate hard. But can't do that as you need to boast your average. Can't accelerate, doesn't have the ability to slog or even play proper cricketing strokes.
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