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Pakistan vs India - Super Four - Match Thread

Need 250 atleast!!!
Listening to VVS and Rameez together is like listening to Cancer. If cancer had a voice it would sound like VVS Raja.
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کام جوان کی موت ہے، باپ کما رہا ہے یہی بہت ہے
(09-23-2018, 07:38 PM) chacha Wrote: Need 250 atleast!!!

240 bhe mushkil lag raha hai
Bumrah bowling reminds me how we used to bowl yorker after yorker in the 90s in death overs.
Doesn't look like the same pitch on which we batted. What a shit fielding by Pakistan. I think that a major reason behind Amir's steady drop in form has been the crazy number of drop catches off his bowling when he first came back and was bowling well. I really hope we don't end up doing the same to poor Shaheen.
This is not how cricket is played. Who would miss a catch like that? Who plays powerplay like this? Which team bats the way we batted in the last 10 overs. Runnots, poor reviews, shit captaincy.
They unnecessarily raised the fans hope with that CT final. The fans had almost given up on them until then. Now after a year of honeymoon period they are back to doing what they do best. Drop catches, misfields, tuk tuk batting and on and on. WTF!!
Shaheen teaching the cunts how to field.
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کام جوان کی موت ہے، باپ کما رہا ہے یہی بہت ہے
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