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Pakistan vs Malaysia - Asia Cup 2017 - Super 4

Discuss today's match in this thread.

[Image: 541d5b8dded2d-768x461.jpg]
Match starts are 3pm. Malaysian team is not very strong but not weak either. They have the power to do upset so Pakistan beware. They beat India by 2-3 in Hockey World League Semi-Final quarterfinal encounter this year.
Live streaming
Situation is not good as Pakistan down by one goal

[Image: DMabohqWsAAL0wr.jpg:large]
Malaysia giving touch time. Why do we always go down in terms of goal like 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 which puts pressure to make a come back!!!!
حسب معمول چے پنے کی پرفارمنس
اس طرح کھیلتے رہے تو تیسری یا چوتھی پوزیشن کے لیے بھی باری نہیں آے گی
buhut afsos hoa result par
jeetna chaeay tha
lagta hai hamari hockey ke purani position ab wapis nahi aey ge ya us main kafi time para hai
Don't understand why we keep losing to stronger teams and that too with very small margin of 1 goal. Is it due to fitness!?
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