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Pakistan vs Scotland - 1st T20I

The match starts at 8 pm Pakistan time.

Just two days ago Scotland beat No.1 ODI team England. Can they beat No.1 T20 team Pakistan today? Only one way to find out!

Pakistani team doing practice session.

[Image: DfKKhpvX0AAJcPd.jpg]

[Image: DfKKipzX0AAxn62.jpg]

[Image: DfKKjfRXUAAmZuX.jpg]

[Image: DfKKkrKX4AAKS1K.jpg]
Since the 2016 World T20 Pakistan have been the most effective bowling team in T20 internationals - they have combined a low economy rate (6.91) with a low strike rate (15.4). No team has a lower average runs per wicket than Pakistan's 17.76. They have won 17/20 matches.
Pata nahi mujhe kyu aisa lag rha hai kay 2 main say 1 match scotland jeet jaey ga
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat first.

Just noticed that selfie boy is playing because Babar is injured  Dodgy
This match has superb production quality. No scorecard and no stump mic after 2 overs. And commentary is also glitchy!
آج بہت عرصے بعد سرفراز نے پیسے حلال کیے ہیں۔

 کافی اچھا کھیلا آج ٹیم نے۔ اندازہ کرو کے ابھی تو عماد وسیم نہیں ہے انجری کی وجہ سے۔ ویسے کچھ لوگوں کا کہنا ہے کے اس کی باولنگ ون ڈایمینشنل ہے۔ لیکن میرے خیال سے یہ ایک ڈایمنشن ہی اس کی کافی اچھی ہے۔ ٹی ٹوینٹی میں وہ نمبر ایک پر تھا انجری سے پہلے۔
کام جوان کی موت ہے، باپ کما رہا ہے یہی بہت ہے
Seen a few people saying Scotland should be full members after beating England. While a monumental effort, a couple of things to consider:

The pitch is the flattest road I've ever seen, obviously to nullify any swing/bounce/movement off/spin and provide an advantage to Scotland's batsman who are used to facing fairly ordinary bowling at associate level.

Secondly, the size of the ground. Very short boundaries, under 60 meters I think. A few back-foot punches have cleared the rope, that's crazy!

How would Scotland fare with non-flat wickets and bigger boundaries? I think they'd struggle. That's the difference between associate level and full member level. Not every pitch will be flat and few grounds will be as small.
(06-12-2018, 11:11 PM) TheGuru Wrote: آج بہت عرصے بعد سرفراز نے پیسے حلال کیے ہیں۔

[Image: xnF52zg.jpg]
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