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Pakistan vs New Zealand - World Cup 2019 - Live Streaming

Pakistan vs South Africa - 1st Test - Match Thread

(12-28-2018, 05:32 PM) TheGuru Wrote: dosri taraf log 500 aur 600 bana rahay hain.... aur australia main ja kar dominate kar rahay hain ... abhi bhi kuch log bolain gain hum number 1 hain
hum logon say tou is takhi hoi australia ko dominate na hopaya, woh bhi aik match draw kar gay yahan par home ground par
time for asad, sarfraz and probably azhar to also move on because they failed to fill the boots of younis and misbah, 10 years ka record kharab karwaya, nz say home par haray, sl say whitewash howay home par, wi say test hara home par, aus ki is team nain bhi draw kiya home par

cricket committee needs to see this and take a decision on the test side and importantly change the pitches back to 2003 so that batsmen can score runs domestically and have some confidence.........50 karkay sajday na kar rahay hon

I agree with you. I seriously want to see some brave changes in the next match. Asad would have to get dropped. Irresponsible Sarfaraz needs some serious serious soul searching. He can't bat anymore and has been a liability on the team. His poor form in batting has also affected his decision making. Even the younger players can't and shouldn't get away with soft dismissals.

But problem is there isn't anyone in the squad on this tour. Just Haris if he's fit.

For the bowling, there's Fahim, and he should've been in this match in place of Yasir. Micky and Sarfraz have developed a habit of getting the balance of bowlers wrong, getting too few spinners on turning wickets and too many when it's a fast wicket. There's Abbas too, but that's also more for bowling attack, when the batting order is the issue. I doubt they'll send for more batsmen to be flown out to SA at present.

This brings us to the selection process i.e. Mickey is criticizing the players and rightly so, but multiple times, he was responsible for selecting players that weren't suited for certain conditions and we had to pay for that. He doesn't understand that we need solid players in tests, someone that is similar to Misbah or Younis, and who better a choice than Fawad Alam. Though, he has never raised his voice for him. These are truly tough times for Sarfaraz and Mickey and I think everybody has a part to play in Pakistan's failure.
(12-27-2018, 12:56 AM) msalman Wrote: Sarfaraz was extra kind today  Big Grin

Quote:Hassan.....beta easy bowling kar raha hai

Looks like that duck is doing its magic

[Image: MkMAfAq.jpg]
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