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England vs New Zealand - World Cup 2019 Final - HD Highlights

Pakistan vs South Africa - 2nd Test - Match Thread

Our tailenders are shit except Hassan Ali. You know it's gonna be short, get ready to duck or pull. What is this half fend half flick shit?
I'd keep Hasan in the team just because he's our only tail ender who doesn't shit his pants. I reckon this series will be 3-0
Are we sure we are not in some kind of matrix because Shan Masood is scoring runs and Azhar Ali isn't!?
سرفراز پریس کانفرینس میں بول رہا ہے کے باولرز نے ہلکی گیند کروای ہے جبھی وکٹیں نہیں ملیں۔ جیسے ہمارے بلے بازوں نے تو سنچریوں پر سنچریاں بنای ہیں۔
The South African score summary is pleasing to me: 431 and 43/1.

PS: I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed
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