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Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta Gladiators - Match Thread

[Image: DX8Dyu0XcAE1LgQ.jpg]


[Image: DX87W2eWkAE2WN3.jpg]
Gladiators will win this match. You know why? Because they are bowling first and Zalmi are not doing very good at the moment as their RR is 7.4 which means they will not be able to score 170+ (which is winning total)
It's not really over even if a team batting first scores around 130, 140. They can bowl really well and put pressure by taking early wickets or not allowing them to score freely.
Watson is getting some serious swing here!
He did a AskMeAnything (AMA) last year on reddit during PSL when he was playing for Islamabad United (he was also part of winning team in first PSL) and this is what he said about dressing room environment in PSL:

Quote:Islamabad dressing room has been really well led by Misbah-ul-Haq. he's a really strong leader who knows how to get the best out of his players as well. All teams start with good leadership, and Dean Jones knows his team inside out - he certainly knows his stats inside out. And obviously Wasim Akram's advice is invaluable. We've got a lot of senior players like Haddin, Sami, Ajmal and to have that strong leadership provides a lot of strength so the younger guys can follow the example of these guys.
good defendable score by Zalmi. It's not very good in the range 170+ but not bad either below 140. They have a very good chance of winning this game!
Asad Shafiq as usual got out cheaply. He has neither good technique nor temperament after all these years. I don't know why he is still playing.
i want to QG to win because of Sarfaraz, I like that guy
(03-10-2018, 11:51 PM) sialboy Wrote: i want to QG to win because of Sarfaraz, I like that guy

یہ تو وہی بات ہو گیٔ کے میں تے ہونڈا ہی لے ساں
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