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Raw discussion thread - 02 Oct 2017

I am too tired to write anything so just copying/pasting it. Following is a summary of what happened at Raw last night.

[Image: MCEYGsV.jpg]

  1. After Braun's match with Seth he delivers another power slam and starts walking out when he turns around is about to continue the beat down when Dean Ambrose comes out to stop him. Dean gets some offence in before Strowman delivers two chokeslams and a running power slam to Dean. Braun leaves but Sheamus and Cesaro come out to pick the bones by delivering a Neutralizer to Dean and a Brouge Kick to Seth.
  2. Backstage Mickie runs across Emma and Alica Fox, both of whom are laughing about some gifts left in her locker room, she opens the locker to find adult diapers, a walker, and other items to mock her age. Mickie storms to Alexa's locker room but Nia opens it instead. Nia threatens her, saying Mickie is too "fragile" to take on the champ but challenges her to a match tonight which Mickie accepts.
  3. Bray rambles on about how Sister Abigail told him to "use his hands" and that she never lied to him, rocking back and worth like a mad man.
  4. After her match Mickie is able to lay Alexa out with a Mick Kick.
  5. Backstage Enzo is interviewed. Renee asks how he feels to be hated by the entire cruiser weight division and for the first time in his life Enzo is at a loss for words.
  6. Mickie is interviewed backstage and says that she showed Nia and Alexa what this "old lady" could really do. She says she wants to represent the WWE as women's champion. Kurt walks by and informs her that she will get a title shot at TLC.
  7. Roman is asked about what happened to Seth and Dean earlier and said he isn't surprise that Sheamus and Cesaro attacked them but says that they can handle themselves. In regards to tonight he wants to break The Miz's jaw and leave as Intercontinental champion.
  8. Before the Miz's match against Roman, he and the Miztourage mock the Shield by entering through the crowd. Before Roman starts the match he takes out Bo and Axel using a chair.
  9. The Bar attack Roman during his match with The Miz and afterwards, Cesaro, Sheamus, and The Miz all take turns delivering their finishers to Roman. As Roman lays in the ring the three of them mock the heel by delivering the triple power bomb to Reigns and then do the Shield fist bump.
  10. Finn comes out and says he doesn't like coming out to talk, he'd rather fight but Bray Wyatt on the other hand just wants to play mind games. Finn calls Bray a coward who lost to both the demon and the man, and no matter what excuses he makes he's truly afraid that he can't beat Finn. Balor challenges Wyatt to come out to the ring right now and face him. Bray appears on the titantron again showing Bray still rocking in his chair and accuses Balor of lying to him. Bray says that Finn was not a normal man at No Mercy and that the Demon just lives within him. Bray says he wants him to bring the demon and that Abigail is dying to meet Finn. Bray morphs into a shadowy figure with an image of what appears to be a woman's face and laughs and a woman's laugh can be faintly heard as well.
  11. Next week Miz will have Sheamus and Cesaro on Miz TV
  12. Enzo comes out to address the Cruiser Weight division's attack on him last week. He says the entire division can go to hell and any of the haters can go to hell too. Enzo says that everyone should respect him for making the Cruiser Weights the main event two weeks in a row and making people actually care. And what thanks does he get? The entire division attacks him and the fans say that he deserved it. Enzo says that he may be wrong but everyone else is jealous and that he is making more money than any fan and all the other cruiser weights combined. Enzo thinks he has all the charisma and athleticism and is worth every penny so all the other cruiser weights better fall in line while he is leading the division. Enzo got another clause that says if anyone attacks him tonight they will get fired. He mocks the other cruiser weights by saying it's lonely at the top since he has no opponents. If anyone wants to try Enzo will do the same thing he did to Neville last week and beat them back into line. Neville comes out with the rest of the cruiser weights who Enzo calls all "last place." The cruiser weights all surround Enzo in the middle of the ring. Enzo holds up his document saying that if anyone touches him they'll get fired and mocks all of them one by one, except Tozawa. As Enzo continues his taunting Kurt Angle comes out to put a stop to this. Angle says that none of the cruiser weights can challenge him or touch him, but he has a new member of the cruiser weight division that he just signed. Kalisto comes out and storms the ring and immediately starts attacking Enzo and delivers Selida del Sol.
  13. Backstage Roman is recovering from his beat down from earlier when Dean walks into his locker room and Seth comes in shortly after. The three exchange looks with each other, nod and walk off.
acha laga ye wala Raw ka show
kuch items sirf khana puri kay leay thay (wese kab nahi hotay?) lekin overall show buhut jandaar that aur is ke direction bhe sahi the

ye jo Shield, Bar, Miz and company ke jo story chal rahi hai buhut shandaar hai
women's division main mujhe kuch wrestlers pasand hain lekin mickie james ka main fan hun aur chahta hun Tables/Ladders/Chairs match woh jeetay. Is tarah Alexa say jaan choot jaey ge.

Cruiser weight main Enzo buhut tapo taap ja raha hai aur us kay promos main Attitude Era ka maza a raha hai......acha chalo mana thori zaiada he lambi chore de main nay...lekin pher bhe us era ka touch to hai promo main.
Hats off to RAW team for getting story lines over this week.

Pleasantly surprise to see swift course-correction on the Shield Reunion as it is no longer wasted on the Miz and company. Because of this now audience buys Sheamus and Cesaro as credible threats which is good. In addition, both can now enter singles matches against Shield members credibly, and The Bar look like vicious hired guns. Love it!
This might not be good for Bo & Axel though because they will be sidelined a little bit now but that's ok as they have been booked as comedy schmucks for the last two years, so until it's their turn to be Smackdown champion they'll have to sit out. If they don't wait too long then I am fine with that.

Here's what I think about Mickie/Asuka/Alexa triangle. It seems to me that Asuka will take belt from Mickie once she win it which will not damage Alexa.

Bray is getting a female valet which at this stage his character couldn't be any more fucked, so why not?
It might have seemed fairly cheesy, but I really liked what they did with Bray. He's always seemed like an 'all bark, no bite' gimmick because he speaks all creepy but never does anything. But when Bray is given powers (ie. stealing 'Taker and Kane's powers, or the ring projections, or the smokey figure during Hell in a Cell Ambrose vs. Rollins) I've thought it was awesome.

WWE had no problem going there with Undertaker, and through the power of the performer, it got over. Go there with Bray, and I think it will still get over.
تپڑ ہے تو پاس کر۔۔۔۔۔ورنہ برداشت کر
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