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Raw discussion thread - 06 Nov 2017

Kickoff with Miz TV with special guest Kurt Angle. Miz starts with a message to Baron Corbin, and says how he warned Corbin about mentioning his wife and that since then Corbin is gonna make Miz call him daddy. Miz is disgusted that Corbin went with something so cheap in the major league and that he demands respect. He calls Baron the bathroom break of Smackdown while he is the whole damn show of Raw. Miz then introduces Kurt Angle who makes his way to the ring. Angle says he fully supports Miz in his match at Survivor Series but Miz doesn't return the favor after what Angle did to him at TLC. Miz calls what he did an abuse of power and reminds Kurt of what Stephanie said last week about Kurt being fired if Raw doesn't win at Survivor Series. Angle says he won't be going anywhere and says that Smackdown will always be the B-show.
Miz then reminds him of the siege from a few weeks ago and how Angle had Daniel Bryan attacked even when he was trying to be peaceful. Miz predicts that Smackdown will try attacking again. Angle claims he had nothing to do with Kane's attack on Bryan and says he deeply respects him. Miz doesn't believe him, saying the real Kurt Angle made a hall of fame career out of seizing opportunities, the same way he tried to destroy the Miztourage last week by making Miz defend his Intercontinental championship. Miz mentions how Curtis Axel was viciously attacked by Braun and demands an apology for him. Angle claims he has nothing to do with Braun which Miz doubts since he was put on the Raw team the next week. Angle says that he had to negotiate with Braun to get Braun on his team by giving him a match with Braun tonight.

[Image: 20171106_raw_vid_miztv--1a38b3428b8bdc94...e42765.jpg]

Backstage The Bar meets with Kurt Angle. They say that Kurt isn't putting Raw's best foot forward by not making Amrbose and Rollins defend their titles. Sheamus said that Dean and Seth let Raw down during the siege. He then comes out and says that they want a title shot against Rollins and Ambrose to represent Raw at Survivor Series. Angle agrees and gives them a match tonight.

Backstage Alicia fox announces that Asuka will be on team Raw at Survivor Series.

Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews are interviewed backstage. Titus says he asked for a match against Samoa Joe tonight because last week he wanted to help Apollo Crews but now is focused on Joe.

Before Joe can have his match with Titus he attacks Titus from behind and locks in the Cocquina Clutch. Joe grabs a mic and says it doesn't matter if you have Titus' strength of Apollo's athleticism he will put them to sleep. He challenges anyone to come out to face him. Finn Balor answers the challenge.

After Joe and Finn's match they continue to brawl as officials try to separate them. As security holds them back Angle announces that he wants both of them on team Raw after the intensity they just showed. Following this Finn dives off the stage onto Joe.

Backstage Bo tries to help Miz get over his fears by saying that monsters aren't real but their bond and strength in numbers is. Bo tries to have Axel back him up but Curtis says after the beating from last week he thinks they should run right now. Miz stares him down and Axel promises to back him up.

Backstage Angle is shown trying to call Bryan to apologize to him. Jason Jordan meets with him and Angle says he is choosing Jordan as the 5th member of team Raw. Jordan thanks him and promises not to let Kurt down.

Bayley and Sasha are interviewed, they both say they haven't talked to Alicia about being on team Raw but know they will be on the team. Bayley says she led team Raw to victory so she is ready. Sasha says they want to be on the team and says Alicia better let them on the team.

After her match Alicia asks Sasha to be on her Survivor Series team but not Bayley.

After Braun's match he and Kane brawl, Strowman hits Kane with the running powerslam but Kane sits up quickly. After Braun throws him over the top rope the Miz, Bo, and Curtis attack him from behind but they are quickly taken out.

Seth and Dean are interviewed and say they weren't expecting the title match tonight but understand that they have to expect the unexpected so they are ready to defend their titles. Seth says they'll take care of Sheamus and Cesaro tonight and then prove to the Uso's that they are the best tag champs in the world. Seth ends by saying the Shield has always been the bar to be measured against.

Enzo comes out and says he's doing good but understands why the fans aren't grateful since they aren't great in the first place and brags about how much publicity he gets. Enzo says he always gets asked what's next for him but says that he's sorry that all he has to do is beat Kalisto again. Enzo goes on bragging about how he's the only one defending a title at Survivor Series and how much he is worth pound for pound. Kalisto comes out to put a stop to this but just takes a seat at ringside when PETE DUNNE'S MUSIC HITS AND KURT ANGLE COMES OUT AND PETE DUNNE COMES OUT TO FACE ENZO AMORE!

Alexa Bliss is interviewed and she blows off Natalya as an eccentric cat lady who is claiming that she made Alexa run away from Smackdown. When Alexa is reminded that she ran away when Smackdown invaded she says that when she was on Smackdown Natalya was never champ because she was there.

It is announced that the UK Division will be on 205 live this week!

Roman Reigns will return to Raw next week

During the main event the New Day's music hits and they make their way through the crowd. Xavier says they came out to commend Manchester for staying awake during the B-Show and they are there to spice things up. Backstage Angle tries to rally the troops together as the New Day gloat about their invasion two weeks ago and how Raw did nothing. Kurt and the Raw locker room make their way out to ringside and surround the ring as the New Day stays up in the crowd and a few give chase to the New Day. In the confusion Sheamus hits the Brouge kick to win the tag titles.
Pretty boring that these guys have become champs again? Does Kurt Angle intend to fix this?. Oh wait, he gave Cesaro and Sheamus another title opportunity for no reason.
I just want Angle fired. He is the reason why The Shield lost the match as well. Match should have ended or he should have reversed the decision.
(11-07-2017, 11:27 AM) imran Wrote: Pretty boring that these guys have become champs again? Does Kurt Angle intend to fix this?. Oh wait, he gave Cesaro and Sheamus another title opportunity for no reason.
I just want Angle fired. He is the reason why The Shield lost the match as well. Match should have ended or he should have reversed the decision.

No reason for him to do this. You barely ever see GMs running out and reversing every decision after a match where there was interference, unless there is really a lot of backlash from the WWE Universe like when Carmella had Ellsworth get the MitB for her. They just let those guys and girls go and use whatever tactics they want. And here they didn't even cheat, they just took advantage of the chaos.

And I'm sure he would give The Shield their rematch as well, once the whole SD vs RAW thing is done with.
I am not happy that the Shield have already lost their tag titles but fuck if that wasn't a damn good angle to beat them.
I REALLY want to see Seth and Dean now invade Smackdown. I want to see the Shield, angry pissed and kicking ass.
Also Pete Dunne wrecking Enzo was also a highlight, as well as Bayley being so happy about the crowd singing for her.
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