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Soneri Bank ATM system no longer works

I am really sick and tired of this bullshit by Soneri Bank these days. There was a time when their ATM system (both on-net and off-net) used to work smoothly but this is no longer the case. Now half the time transaction times out and you get SMS they money has been deducted from account but you didn't actually receive money! Anybody else facing this issue!?
I mean whether I use Soneri's ATM or some other bank's ATM this issue is happening most of the time. Really pathetic service by them!
no big deal my friend....i am not a soneri user but it has happened with me too a few times too.....may be it seems to you that it is happening frequently but may be that is not the case!?
just call on their helpline if that happens and they will reimburse the amount. normally it comes automatically after a few hours but sometime you have to call to get the amount
No I never complain if it happens a few times but it has now happened a lot. Something really wrong with their system lately.
Yes this problem is going on with Soneri ever since they have moved from Visa to Mastercard. When they were with Visa I didn't face any problems.
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