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The Rock being a charming asshole that he is shitting on Toronto

This is The Rock being a charming asshole that he is and insulting Toronto and they loving it. I mean how could you not like Rock!? Even if he plays heel, crowd still wants to sing along his catch phrases.

Whether he plays heel or face, he is the best.


For some reason embedding video is not working so here's the link:
Awesome clip. The Rock being the Rock he doesn't give a f**k and things go nuclear in a second when he insults their team lol

Here's another gem from the Rock where he is shitting on Sacramento:

this is what the rock is cookin, just perfect on all levels and the fact looks like he's having the time of his life is the cherry on top.
I heard somewhere that Austin rolled up his window right at the end of this clip there because he couldn't hold in his laughter and didn't want to show it.

2003 heel Rock will always be my favorite version of the Rock. He was by far the best on the mic, and could make everyone hate him instantly with his quick wit and humor.
In case someone is looking for context on that Sacramento video so here it is:

  1. At the time of the segment, the Sacramento Kings had lost in the playoffs three straight years to the Lakers (arguably the most successful, prolific team in the history of the sport other than the Boston Celtics), who would win the League championship in all 3 of those seasons and were teams some considered historically great, all-time best teams. Prior to those playoff losses, the Kings had been about as close to being the worst team in the league for just about their entirety since they moved to Sacramento in the mid-80s. So for many fans, this was easily the best teams the city had ever seen (and have seen to this very day, nearly 2 decades later.)
  2. This is made worse by the fact that in the American pro sports landscape, Sacramento is BARELY even a "small" market at best. This is their only pro team, which means it's the only thing that makes them relevant in any sporting spectrum. For the better part of the last 6 years or so, they're always a team that's considered a prime candidate to leave the city and relocate. Thus, you diss the only team that matters, it'll sting much more.
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