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USA fails to qualify for 2018 world cup

Just heard the news that the United States of America has failed to qualify for 2018 FIFA World Cup. So a nation of 300 million doesn't have 11 good enough players to participate in world cup.

[Image: 170832779-1401541973.jpg]

Their situation is similar to Pakistan a nation of 200 million people who can't produce 11 football players. But unlike us they were a semi decent team so I wonder what happened this year. By the way they didn't qualify because they lost to Trinidad and Tobago by 2-1 last night.
I read that football is considered rich people game in USA as many can't afford 18000/year in travel costs.
Too many rich kids ends up playing because they get looked at more through their academies and travel teams way more than the other kids who just play through their towns teams and such who have way more talent and heart.
What's funny is that this was not even T&T A team. They sent their B team because they are already out of world cup so they thought to try new players. USA just had to draw this match to enter the world cup. You had one job USA!!
check our own status
lol Fox paid $400 million for World Cup rights and now their team is not playing. Talk about money well spent!
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