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WWE uploads full Wrestlemania 33 match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar

Super match!! almost 55% of the time was spent coming into the ring by these two but overall match was very good. It was kinda like no holds barred just start throwing whatever arsenal they have onto the opponent. Goldberg will never forget his visit to suplex city.
Brock's storytelling in this match is so good. First with him going outside the ring after the 2nd spear to avoid the same fate as Survivor Series, but then he used the one thing he had that he hadn't used before and that was his athleticism. Brock's was always trying to go right at Goldberg with strength almost underestimating what Goldberg's strength is. Then Brock finally used his athleticism (the leap) to his advantage and from there on he dominated the match.
love to see wwe champions really like undertaker john cena kan etc
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