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When Pakistan Railways beat Dera Ismail Khan by.....

Do you know what the largest victory in First Class cricket is!?

It happened in 1964 when Pakistan Railways beat Dera Ismail Khan by an innings and 851 runs in Ayub Trophy.

When I heard this I was like WTF man!!!

Playing first, Pakistan Railways made 910 runs for the loss of 6 wickets and then they declared the innings. Dera Ismail Khan only managed to get 32 in first innings and upon follow on they made 27 in second innings  Smile

Don't believe me? see for yourself

[Image: uu5KM6r.jpg]
And Dera Ismail Khan didn't play another first class match for next 18, 20 years lol

This was their first match by the way.

I read about this 2, 3 years back.
Feel sorry for DIK now. 6 ducks in first innings, 5 ducks in second. In both innings only one player got into double digits.
PR to DIK "u mad bro"
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