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Yasir Shah not to play England/Ireland tour

Big blow for Pakistan as Yasir Shah is not playing in the upcoming series between Pakistan and England/Ireland.

Yasir is a specialist test bowler so it will definitely hurt. We intend to play one test against Ireland and two against England.

[Image: 09yasir.ashx?h=1556&w=2400&la=en]
Bad news for Pakistan, I personally don't know if Shadab has the experience yet to bowl well in Test matches...I see him more of a limited overs kind of guy.

Time will tell I am afraid.

But again Shadab shouldn't be tried in tests right now, Nawaz shouldn't get a game outside the UAE, and Bilal, Imad, Kashif, and Babar are mediocre. Asghar or Zafar are better options, but they'll probably pick Nawaz and not go with a debutant.

Yasir is terrible defensively though, as we saw in Australia, and the damp pitches around May/June hardly offer any assistance. May be this is not a bad thing for Pakistan after all, even if they go with 4 pacers like Faheem.
That's a huge blow. The sheer number of overs this guy sends down every innings(and the corresponding wickets he takes) is incredible. We will surely miss him.

He was one of the 3 biggest reasons why Pakistan leveled the series last tour ... 2 best batsmen retired and now Yasir is no longer a part of the team.
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