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Yesterday Chris Gayle made 20th hundred in T20

And second highest scorers are Michael Klinger (Australia), Luke Wright (England) Brendon McCullum (New Zealand) who have made 7 hundreds each. Wow the gap is yuge!!!!

Gayle hit 18 sixes to make 146 off 69 balls to win the final BPL 2017 for Rangpur Riders.

[Image: lmYFSXi.jpg]
Gayle is an incredible T20 player, but I think his stats are a little misleading. If you compare his T20 international stats with some of the other top T20 international players, they don't really stand out a lot. And I think that is because once the quality of bowling goes up, his technical deficiencies become more exposed. He is likely to get out sooner, he's unable to line himself up for the big shots like he does at the domestic level (because the bowling's quicker), etc.

Here's a comparison with some of the other top international T20 players:

[Image: CKRJXs1.jpg]
He's a legend.
Here are some more Gayle's records.

The most runs (11056) - second most is BMac at 8526
The most 50s (67)
The most 50+ scores (87)
The most runs in a calendar year (1665 in 2015) - as well as the 3rd and 4th and 7th and 8th most too.
The joint fastest 50 (12 balls)
The fastest 100 (30)
The most 4s (833) - Second most is BMac at 803
The most 6s (819) - Second most is Pollard at 509
Most 6s in an innings (18) as well as the second most at 17.
The most runs from boundaries in an innings (154)
The most player of the match awards (53) - second most is Afridi with 29
The most innings with 10+ 6s (15) - second most is 2
And as far as I can tell, has carried the bat through an innings the most times.
Interestingly, he has played the 3rd most games at 320. Pollard leads the way with 399.
He's obviously faced all the top bowlers in domestic T20 matches and he's even taken them apart on a few occasions. But taking apart a top bowler is much harder and, therefore, much riskier, which explains why his international T20 record is not as stellar.
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