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asia cup kay leay tayari pakar lo

Aglay mahinay Oct 11 say Oct 22 tak hockey ka tournament Asia Cup 2017 honay ja raha hai Bangladesh main. sab tayari pakar lo matches dekhne ke. kafi sakht muqablay ke tawaqo hai.

kiya khayal hai Pakistan jeetay ga ya nahi!? ya kam az kam dusri ya teesri position lay lay ga!?

hamesha ke tarah India say sakht muqably ke tawaqo hai aur dusri team jo tough time day sakti hai woh South Korea hai. Malaysia bhe thora buhut upset kar sakti hai lekin baqi teams asaan hain.
Pakistan is in the same pool as India and South Korea is in another group, so I am not sure Pakistan will be able to play against South Korea because for that we have to win first.....which we aren't doing these days too often.
I kinda agree with Kaka. But there is still a chance after Pakistan Hockey Federation made some changes in the setup namely appointing Brig Khalid Khokhar as President and former hockey legend Shahbaz Ahmed as Secretary General so I am little bit hopeful of things turning around.
I think Pakistan need to fix their center half game which is lacking in many aspects. I heard Head Coach Farhan Khan is working on it and developing a strategy to do counter attacks.
Based on recent performance against India I am not very confident that we will win. Or may be we will go to next stage but winning the tournament is a tall order. Team building takes time and you cannot do it overnight. You can't impart skills into someone because they are born with it and you just polish it.
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