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iphone battery explodes as man tests it by biting

A man at an electronics store in China decided to give a smartphone battery his own litmus test by biting it. The battery ruptured and caused a small explosion. The spectacle, captured by the store’s CCTV security cameras, was uploaded to Miaopai, a Chinese video sharing platform similar to the now-defunct Vine.

According to Taiwan News, the man was in the store on January 19th to replace his iPhone battery. It’s not clear which store he was in, but the side of the shop has big characters that read "Professional screen change." The man began to look closely at the battery and, to check if it was real, decided to bite down on it, triggering the explosion. Despite the fact that the blast was inches from the man’s face, and other onlookers, no one was reportedly injured.

کہیں یہ بندہ قایٔم علی شاہ کا چھوٹا بھایٔ تو نہیں ہے
play stupid stupid prizes
Title is a little misleading because he went to replace battery of his iphone but the exploded one may not be iphone's original battery.
Irrespective, it was a very stupid move. Could have killed someone.
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