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kise nay kal wala RAW ka show dekha?

i m a wrestling fan like everyone else.....kise ny kal RAW ka show dekha, buhut zabardast tha
it was amazing to see john cena and roman contract signing segment, beautifuly done

cena nay Roman ko outclass kar dia, although he had much better material which is important. All Reigns had was the same old ghisee pitty batain kay "Cena buries people". Shoots don't seem like his thing really.
yes last night's show was enjoyable. Cena is more skilleda dn has got zero fucks to give at this point so he can do what ever he wants.

Cena exposed Reigns ability to get overwhelmed at times with promos which we all know is true. He was hitting him with biting commentary to embarrass him, and Reigns mostly big comebacks were to call him a bitch a few times and a part timer.
full segment

Well that video has been taken down so here is another link

This whole RAW episode was on another level. This promo, Jeff Hardy, Alexa Bliss winning, Brock and Paul Heyman segment and everything else was firing on all cylinders.

I love how Miz was disgusted backstage that all it takes is just one match to get a shot at his Intercontinental title.
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