Full Version: Pakistan vs South Africa - 1st Test - Match Thread
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Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat.

[Image: DvU7QtNX0AELRkQ?format=jpg&name=medium]

[Image: DvgRD06XQAEPxsN.jpg]
Just came to know that this match is sold out. Good job South Africans.
Imam gone for duck. Color me surprised. As long as that piece of shit Inzamam is chief selector, he will continue to select his piece of shit nephew. Feel sorry for Fawad Alam.
Fakhroo also gone  Smile
Now everything rests on Shan masala and Azhar
Just look at the action  Heart

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شان مصالہ کلٹی
تو چل میں آیا.... ٹیڑی پاپا ٹیڑی پاپا
What is pitch condition? Too fast? Too seam?
[Image: owm4ppg87e621.jpg?width=1024&auto=webp&s...6defb5c838]
(12-26-2018, 04:15 PM)msalman Wrote: [ -> ]What is pitch condition? Too fast? Too seam?

Bounce is variable and ball is getting soft now.

The kind of batting did by Babar, this is what should have been replicated by the entire Pakistani line up. Give the SA bowlers the respect they deserve and leave them with the new ball. Then when the ball goes smash!
woohoo two down!
we still got a chance if we can get them under 200 and then post a decent score BECAUSE saffers will be batting on minefield in 4th innings
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